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Integrated Materials Handling Solutions
Since its inception, SDI has developed a history of creating and integrating the most innovative and productive elements of materials handling that exist today. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, SDI is a multi-national organization with operations around the world, allowing us to service both international and domestic clients.

To date, SDI has offices in North and South America, Europe and Australia, and an independent IT software division, Real Time Integration (RTI). Despite our growth, SDI continues to maintain the flexibility and enthusiasm of a start-up; with our founders still actively participating in all aspects of the business.

With a strong background servicing the retail industry, SDI is the
preferred solutions provider for apparel manufacturers, retailers,
and distributors. Additionally, SDI is responsible for installing a substantial portion of the distribution centers in the United States.
With our list of installations growing each year, we currently have
over 400 distribution center systems installed worldwide.

SDI is a comprehensive Logistics, Consulting, Engineering, Materials Handling, Warehouse Managements, Software, and Integration Company. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, SDI Industries also has offices in Mexico, South America and India to address your logistical needs. Solutions provided to our clients are quantifiable, and are responsible for improving not only their productivity; but their Logistics, Supply Chain, Warehouse, Employee Relations, and Distribution Systems as well.

As both consultants and systems integrators, we provide clients with comprehensive solutions for their logistics, supply chain, and distribution problems. Serving the Specialty Retail, Apparel Warehousing, Distribution, Consumer Product Manufacturing, Postal, and Parcel Markets; SDI Industries collaborates closely with its clients to develop productivity solutions and support their needs throughout the life of their material handling systems. We are committed to delivering quality, seamlessly integrated, custom, warehouse management, logistics, and software solutions, which are designed to address your specific needs. In addition to having the capability to design custom platforms, our impeccable reputation speaks volumes.

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