Software Solutions & Warehouse Controls
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Integrated Materials Handling Solutions
Software that delivers results !
SDI Industries' scalable suite of software allows customers to get the most from their warehouse or distribution center:

FastTrack WMS
Provides for the RF-scanning of
goods as they are unloaded from
trucks and complete control from
receiving to the shipping process.

Warehouse Sortation System

Flat and Garment on Hanger Unit
Tilt tray, Bombay, Tilted Tray

Light Directed Distribution
Put To Light, Pick 2 Light,
Smart Cart Pick

Warehouse Control System
Conveyor Systems

Carton Sorter Controls
High Speed Carton Sorter controls
for various OEM clients

Automatic Label Application

In Line Automatic Print and Apply
to cartons or units

Warehouse Controls
Receiving Module
Warehouse Locator Module
Wave Generation Module
Shipping Module

Our Visualization system provides real time views of all the control equipment with fault diagnosis and recovery facilities only a mouse click away. Our System Development team based in the USA can provide our own integrated software systems and tailor the packages to your individual operational and business requirements.

Without control, SDI's materials handling systems would have no direction, no beginning and no end. That’s why we’re continually upgrading and enhancing our systems technology to improve both our product portfolio and our service offering to our customers.

Our robust software packages will enable
you to run your sortation, warehouse control,
diagnostics and maintenance systems to the
most exacting standards – irrespective of
whether they are standalone or if they have
been interfaced with your own host systems.

For more information on our
Software Solutions, please
Contact Us
(818) 890-6002
Host / WMS
Warehouse Control System (WCS)
Warehouse Sortation
System (WSS)
Carton Sortation
System (CSS)
Print And Apply
(P and A)
Order Fullfilment
System (OFS)
Automated Put to Light System
System (APS)
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